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#100 : Los Ninos & Vicuna 14-12-2018 C12

Party #100 and hosting our favorite dj Lovefingers. #100 : Los Ninos & Vicuna
PushinOn 16-11-2018 MadTropical - Brooklyn (NYC)

Party hosted by DJ Dirtyfinger (Black Label, ESO!!) PushinOn
LOT Radio 14-11-2018 Brooklyn (NYC)

Synth Wave, New Beat and Rave special LOT Radio
Duo #1 : Los Ninos & Vicuna 12-10-2018 C12

Hosting Fort Romeau and Antenna in the Vicuna room. Duo #1 : Los Ninos & Vicuna
Rive Rouge 10-10-2018 Lisbon
Manchester Courtyard Sessions 04-10-2018 Recyclart Manchester Courtyard Sessions
RedLightRadio 27-09-2018 Amsterdam
Trio #5: Los Ninos & Vicuna & 07-09-2018 Zodiak Trio #5: Los Ninos & Vicuna &
Unicorn Festival 14-07-2018 Antwerp Unicorn Festival
Dour Festival 14-07-2018 Dour

B2B with Dj Akî aka Aw Shucks

Thanks to Dour Festival
49ZDB 22-06-2018 49ZDB (Lisbon)
Apéromix 14-06-2018 Gare Saint Sauveur (Lille) Apéromix
Vicuna 19-05-2018 Zodiak Vicuna
RadioShow 04-05-2018 RedLightRadio (Amsterdam) RadioShow
SPEK 04-05-2018 Club Vaag (Antwerp)

Vicuna at LaVallée de l'image 28-04-2018 LaVallée Vicuna at LaVallée de l'image
Lokale Helden 27-04-2018 Bonnefooi Lokale Helden
Vulva 05-04-2018 Anjos70 (Lisbon) Vulva
Los Ninos & Vicuna & 3d.hd.404 23-03-2018 Zodiak

DEEP DARK DIRTY / w. Juju & Jordash Los Ninos & Vicuna & 3d.hd.404
CHPL 36 BRSXL 24-02-2018 Recyclart

Closing of a mithycal venue, crew and crowd! CHPL 36 BRSXL
Vicuna 16-02-2018 Zodiak

DEEP DARK DIRTY / w. Joakim & Paradise100 Vicuna
Private party 20-01-2018 Belgium
Vicuna (Grand) 02-12-2017 Recyclart

DEEP DARK DIRTY / w. Suzanne Kraft - Different Fountains - Paradise100 Vicuna (Grand)
Private party 22-09-2017 Belgium

PM me for details

Vicuna 15-07-2017 Eka Palace (Lisbon)

Belgium meets Portugal at Eka Palace Lisbon Vicuna
Vicuna 17-06-2017 Sunset



Dirty Vicuna
Private party 10-06-2017 Belgium Private party
Private party 03-06-2017 Belgium
House Of Moda 29-04-2017 La Java (Paris) House Of Moda
BUKA 25-03-2017 BUKA (Milan) BUKA
los ninos - NYE 31-12-2016 Bodega

Juan Ramos - Daniel Wang - Bruce Botnik - AAguilAA los ninos - NYE
Viucuna - Winter Swag 03-12-2016 Boothuis Brauhaus Viucuna - Winter Swag
Bonnefooi invites 31-10-2016 Bonnefooi
Closing of A-Tower 07-10-2016 A-Tower (Antwerp)

Closing weekend. Playing from 05h-08h Closing of A-Tower
los ninos 17-09-2016 het bos (antwerp)

Special LosNinos dj set! los ninos
House Party 10-09-2016 Brussels

contact me for details

Vicuna 20-08-2016 Boothuis Brauhaus



Dirty Vicuna
StrangeLoveFestival 04-06-2016 Het bos (Antwerp)

+ + + + +

And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane
by the ones that could not hear the
music StrangeLoveFestival
Balearic Sundays 22-04-2016 Belgica
Easter special @ Bonnefooi 27-03-2016 Bonnefooi (Brussels)
Vicuna - Spring Sensation 19-03-2016 Boothuis Brauhaus



DIRTY Vicuna - Spring Sensation
Vicuna - Antwerp Launch 16-01-2016 Boothuis Brauhaus

Deep Dark Dirty

Paradise 100 / Aki / Aguila Vicuna - Antwerp Launch
Paradis 13-11-2015 Club La Villaine

SixSixSixties and Aguila. All night long. Paradis!

Closing Strange Love Festival 17-10-2015 Order (Antwerp)

An uncommon film festival needs an uncommon party! Closing Strange Love Festival
Brussels Buzzing 19-09-2015 Bonnefooi Brussels Buzzing
Vicuna 22-08-2015 Boothuis Brauhaus

Deep Dark Dirty Vicuna
Borgerwood 26-07-2015 Antwerp Borgerwood
Paradis 17-07-2015 La Vilaine

SixSixSixties and Aguila. All night long. Paradis!
La Vilaine 04-04-2015 Club La Vilaine

more info soon La Vilaine
Vicuna - closing party Performatik 28-03-2015 Kaaitheater (Brussel)

with Serge (Clone Records)
Les Bals 28-02-2015 Boothuis Brauhaus

more info soon
Vicuna 14-02-2015 Boothuis Brauhaus

dj AKÎ
dj PARADISE100 Vicuna
spek 31-01-2015 Antwerp

S P E K ! spek
Vicuna 08-11-2014 Boothuis Brauhaus

Paradise 100 / Aki / Aguila Vicuna
Vicuna 23-08-2014 Boothuis Brauhaus

Paradise 100 / Aki / Aguila Vicuna
Strange Love Festival 21-06-2014 DoReMi (Antwerp)

An uncommon film festival needs an uncommon party! Strange Love Festival
Donderbar 17-04-2014 Stockholm S. (Antwerp) Donderbar
Vicuna 08-03-2014 Boothuis Brauhouse

Last time we had lots of fun at the Vicuna party on the boat so we thought that repeating this could only be a good thing ! Vicuna
Les Bals 08-02-2014 Boothuis Brauhouse

Dr Album, Sturmo and Aguila will make you dance on quality vinyl vintage tunes with a splash of newness Les Bals
Vicuna 14-12-2013 Boothuis Brauhaus

a night with Akî / Paradise100 (100%Silk) / Aguila Vicuna
LesBals 23-11-2013 Boothuis Brauhaus

This is a journey into sound! check this LesBals
warmup 31-08-2013 Barbeton

2nd edition, come early.. leave happy or join me towards Holger party warmup
warmup 13-07-2013 Barbeton

beats and drinks - come early, leave happy (2h) warmup
Impulstanz@30: License to Party 09-07-2013 MuseumsQuartier (Vienna)

Trajal Harrell & Friends' opening ceremony of the 30th Impulstanz Festiva Impulstanz@30: License to Party
Brussels Film Festival 21-06-2013 Flagey

Afterparty hosted by Vicuna with dj's Mike Simonetti + Aguila Brussels Film Festival
Los Ninos 25-05-2013 Vaudeville

Special 90's set together with Antwerp's dj Pop Rules Los Ninos
Bozar Nights 30-04-2013 Bozar

When art meets electronics Bozar Nights
Vogue special 29-03-2013 Kaaitheater

Afterparty: (M)imosa - Twenty looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church Vogue special
Private gig 08-03-2013 ***

Birthday party of the winter's mix grafic designer and music gooroo

Private gig
Performatik 02-03-2013 Kaaitheater

Closing party of the Brussels Performance Art Biennal Performatik
Holger 15-02-2013 Bazaar

Warmup galore for Discodromo Holger
Vicuna 24-11-2012 Magic Mirrors

Sharing the evening with Magic Touch from 100% Silk Vicuna
Aguila @ Potemkine 10-11-2012 Potemkine

Black Russians on a snowy Saturday night. come have a drink at Potemkine. Aguila @ Potemkine
Wow magazine presents 03-11-2012 Atelier Claus

WOW Magazine presents ITAL's dream on tour europe 2012 with Aurora Halal, Aguila (Vicuna) and sixsixsixties (Holger) Wow magazine presents
Vicuna 27-07-2012 Atelier Claus

Vicuna with Beautiful Swimmer ! Yes dear. Vicuna